What makes a well built home?


We all know what a home is made of wood, metal, brick & concrete. These are the basics but is your home well built?

Will you be proud to call your new house your home?


Every square foot is important and needs to be examined.  Looking at a home is not just examining each of these structure materials and it components but how they relate to modern standards.  Is a home build 20, 40, 80 years ago, or more, a well build home?  The answer could be yes or no. Heartland can tell you what you will need to make your home compatible to today‚Äôs standards.  Structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC & Insulation are more basics of a good home but so much more is involved with a home inspection and will be checked to make a house your home.


Let's take insulation:  Did you know that insulation standards are 5 times higher in our area than just 20 years ago, but its not just the attic, but all its points from the foundation up to the attic and could leak your energy dollars and need to checked.



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